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Interpreter, language (Turkish, Spanish) teacher, lecturer, service facilitator.

BA degree in Business Administration, 2 masters degrees in EU Politics&International Relations (Marmara University, Turkey) and Economic Development&International Cooperation (Murcia University, Spain). Still lecturer in Nişantaşı University in the field of Business Administration.

I always enjoy working with Serpil. Her attention to detail and curiosity serve her well when translating. I look forward to working together again soon! 🙂

Ron LaPlace

Curiousity and passion about life led me to interesting trainings, civil society, alternative of many things and opportunities full of wonder. I spent 2,5 years in Spain and 6 months in Mexico with Nahualt indigenous people. Among all the things that I have done, I liked the international and cultural flavour the most and decided to be an entrepreneur doing what I like and do well.

I offer benefit, beauty and distinction by translating, lecturing, taking people out in Istanbul, organizing events and teaching languages. The distinction is that all of them are boutique and personalized according to the need of my clients.

Its so important to have quick and very fluent translation and Serpil makes the communication process flow beautifully, as if there were no language barrier at all.

Sandra Hillawi

I cooperate with people like me in these areas, having a professional background, preferring to be follow their passion. So, you may consider me as your Turkish ally in your life; if I can not help you I may guide you to the needed people.

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