Celebrate Life


Boutique, practical and joyful language courses. Individual or groups of maximum 6 people.

I believe that a language is not taught, it is learnt by the student. So as long as the student is interested about the language, it is pleasure for me and my colleagues to facilitate and guide in this learning process. We can teach through using other 2 languages which also makes it easier for the learner.

Turkish: Experiencial courses with cultural hours. While teaching Turkish, we not only focus on the grammar, we also explain the logic behind, the energy of the Turkish language and culture. Recommended for Erasmus students, expats or their families. Depending on the need, it could be daily or business Turkish.

Spanish: Spanish for beginners to give a strong and smooth introduction to the Hispanic world. For upper levels we offer courses with native Spanish speakers as we think it would be better for the learners to continue for their confidence in practicing the language.