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“Aile Dizimi çok etkileyici bir deneyimdi benim için. Kullandığım diğer şifa tekniklerine göre bakamadığım, direnç gösterdiğim konulara hem dışarıdan bakma kolaylığı hem de daha derinlere inme fırsatı sunuyor. Ayrıca grup çalışması temsilci olarak da şifalanma sağlıyor. Böylece bir çok konuda şifalanma yaşanıyor. Şifanın aile sistemindeki bireyleri de kapsaması en etkileyici tarafı. Olanı olduğu gibi kabul etmenin hafifliğini öğrendim. Farkındalığım arttı”
Y. G.
Aile Konstelasyonu
“Kolaylaştırıcı çok hassastı bana ve dizime katılan arkadaşlara karşı. Dizimi oldukça güzel, keyifli ve ince bir şekilde yönetti. En önemlisi de zaten olan bağlarımızı tekrardan kurmamıza ciddi anlamda katkıda bulundu. Bize önerdiği çözüm diyaloglarıyla ve alanda olanı bizim de görmememize yardımcı olarak.”
B. D.
Aile Konstelasyonu
“I have been so lucky to have wonderful dear Serpil as my translator in my trainings in Istanbul. I came to teach EFT and EmoTrance which are about emotional transformation. Its so important to have quick and very fluent translation and Serpil makes the communication process flow beautifully, as if there were no language barrier at all. This not only allows the trainings to be great but for me to form great relationships and heart connections with my groups. Serpil herself has such a delightful energy and is a total pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her more highly. Thank you dear Serpil for being who you are. Very much hope to work with you again.” Much love, Sandra Hillawi
Sandra Hillawi
İngilizce Çeviri
“Serpil was an enormous gift! I was in Istanbul, Turkey for the first time giving a workshop and seeing clients around the work I've been doing to helps people reclaim their lives from addiction anxiety, and chronic health problems. She was able to keep up with me as I taught and she allowed me to keep a comfortable and flowing pace both in the workshop and in private individual sessions. She is a gifted translator and a fantastic healer in her own right! She gets what we do as healers and her assistance was invaluable!”
Peter Bedard
İngilizce Çeviri
"Hic nonummy laboriosam ducimus! Tempora iure, veniam doloreearum phasellus! Penatibus augue soluta corrupti! Non de Penatibus"
Ethan Little
“I’ve had many translators over the years living and teaching in Istanbul. And I can truly say that Serpil is by far the one I felt most comfortable with. In fact it was a pleasure. Her speed, skill, accuracy, memory and comprehension of the English language and her interest in and understanding of a wide range of topics means I was confident that she was always conveying the information clearly and accurately. But more than her technical skill I believe it is her personality which really creates her ‘wow’ factor. She is humble and sincere in wanting not to display herself or her talents but to be an instrument for the audience to connect with the speaker and their message. In my case she also seemed to have a unique gift for mirroring my tone and body language, not in a mimicking kind of way, but in a way which conveyed the enthusiasm and energy that I was trying to get across. I’ve experienced many translators that are either so flat, that they don’t engage the audience, or so charismatic that they are unwittingly perhaps, trying to steal the limelight or take over. Serpil walks along that perfect line of translating not just the words, but the emotion and energy of the speaker but without usurping them. She is light hearted, humorous, a deep thinker, and infinitely positive, which makes sharing a platform with her, an added joy to the joy of sharing knowledge with others. I truly couldn’t recommend more highly another Turkish/English translator.”
Jillian Sawers
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